Finding productivity during quarantine

You can be productive in your room under quarantine by following these recommendations.


Mien Le, Columnist

Coronavirus changed all of our lives suddenly. I know that is the reason why most of us feel so bored at home when we cannot go out. 

I have a lot of friends who are unproductive. What they do in a day is simply sleeping, eating, watching Netflix and then repeating this circle. 

However, we can predict that the quarantine will last longer than we might have expected. Therefore, I will suggest some things for you to do during the quarantine.

The first thing you can do is to figure out what you might want to do or have never done before. First, take a piece of paper and then write them down.. This step will help you catch up and update your daily routine. Writing everything down will help you organize your stuff in an easier way. 

If you don’t know what you want to try, I will give you some of my recommendations. 

With me, I always think that education should go first. Quarantine is an ideal time for you to study something not in your classes at Hamline. IvyEdge posted an article called Spring and Summer Learning Options for Students on Lockdown: A COVID-19 post that can help you find some new courses that may benefit you. 

These courses are offered by the Ivy League Universities and others, which range in different areas of study, from Computer Science and Mathematics to Social Sciences and Humanities. You have extra time, and these courses will provide you more knowledge, so why not?

The new courses will be very interesting to learn; however, you still have homework in your Hamline classes. Don’t try to wait until the due date and do your homework in a rush, you can break it into small pieces and do it day by day instead. 

Doing homework in this way will help you to not feel tired and exhausted, but in control, while having time to take a closer look and deeper understanding about what you learn in your classes. Trust me, you will feel more productive and your grade will be improved.

“I think quarantine gives us time to look at other courses,” senior Samri Melka said. “But at the same time we should balance Hamline’s courses, as we have more work to do for our online classes.”

Another thing you can take time to do is to apply for some remote internships. I suggest a website called, where you can find a lot of internships that offer work remotely. This will not only make your resume better, but it also improves your skills and makes you feel that you are doing something meaningful. Don’t wait and don’t delay. It is never too early or too late to start looking for an internship.

“I think working for an internship remotely is great if you get the opportunity,” first-year Sadie Berlin said.

I understand one thing because of the coronavirus. Most people choose to lay down in bed and play with their phones, laptop and tablets. These technological devices make you feel less bored. 

However, the summer is coming and laying down on your bed is not a good choice for your body, which makes you feel tired. Therefore, I suggest you can practice many different exercises in your room without going to the gym. I do exercises by Chloe Ting from YouTube. She is a personal trainer who uploads a lot of exercises for different parts as well as the whole body. Give yourself some muscles and abs!

“I have been definitely taking advantage of quarantine to get some good workouts,” Senior Ricardo Martinez said. “I have been giving myself 10-15 minutes workout breaks. This way, I don’t burn out mentally and stay in shape physically.”

These are my tips and suggestions for all of you to do under quarantine. We all know it will be tougher in the next couple of months but keep an optimistic attitude and adapt to the new routine. We will overcome all these things.