Five ways to stay entertained during stay-at-home

A few fun activities to make the best of the extra time we have at home.

Andrea Lindner, Senior Reporter

While the world is shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic, the web is providing people with activities and entertainment. Here are a few things you can do during this troubling time. 

Virtually tour museums

Through the Google Arts & Culture website and app (available on Android and iOS), you are able to take virtual tours of museums all over the world. 

The Guggenheim Museum in New York, the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Seoul and the British Museum in London are just a few examples of the museums users can peruse virtually—for free. By using Google Streetview, users are able to ‘walk’ around the museums at their own pace.

Livestream a zoo

The oncoming warmer weather typically leads to people doing more activities outside such as visiting the zoo, but since zoos across the country are now closed many have taken to live streaming zoo animals on the web. 

The San Diego Zoo offers live footage of their elephants, polar bears, tigers, penguins and many other animals, as well as archived footage of their panda bears. If you are looking for a pick-me-up during this difficult time, watching the various animals bustle around is a great way to cheer up.

Keep your body active

If you have been missing your workout routine, the Orangetheory Fitness YouTube channel has you covered. The channel has been posting daily at-home workout routines which all range from about 30 minutes to an hour, and require minimal to no additional equipment. The channel offers great ways to stay in shape during shutdown.


If online classes have you stressed, the web has multiple offerings to ease your mind. One great destresser is the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center’s guided meditations

The meditations are available both online and through the UCLA Mindful app (available on Android and iOS). The website offers numerous meditations ranging from 3-15 minutes in English and Spanish. Check these out if you are interested in some stress-free self-care.

DIY your home

Get your creative juices flowing with easy and fun crafting activities. 

Design Improvised has a list of easy crafts to make at home using household items such as napkins, construction paper, clothespins and cupcake holders. The website also has a variety of crafts for kids for those with children or younger siblings who are also experiencing the strain of being stuck inside.

While staying at home right now is difficult, it is necessary. Remember that social distancing does not have to be distant, and you can always reach out to friends and family virtually. We hope for and encourage people to take care of themselves right now.