PHOTO GALLERY: Updates from the Twin Cities Community

After the death of George Floyd from police violence on May 25, the Twin Cities is seeing both peaceful protests and riots involving fires and looting.

Molly Landaeta, News Editor

Crowd outside of District Attorney Mike Freeman’s house
Molly Landaeta
Peaceful protestors gathered outside of District Attorney Mike Freeman’s house, demanding arrest and charges filed against the cops responsible for the death of George Floyd. This protest was on May 29, the day prior to the arrest of Derek Chauvin.
Junior Peter Hanson at protest with "ACAB" sign
Molly Landaeta
Junior Peter Hanson stands among the peaceful protestors on May 29 in front of District Attorney Mike Freeman’s house. This protest remained peaceful throughout the entire afternoon, with protestors and activists demanding arrest and charges against the cops responsible for Floyd’s death.
Senior Brianna Olson sitting, drawing with chalk
Molly Landaeta
Senior Brianna Olson decorates the road in front of Freeman’s home, writing “No justice, no peace.” This message was among many that peaceful protestors scribed on the surrounding block.
Molly Landaeta
Following the first night of protests in South Minneapolis, community members gathered to help clean up small business fronts.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story reported these photos were taken on Saturday, May 30. This is incorrect. These photos were taken Friday, May 29.