Mental Health Resources for this Semester!

Online mental health resources to aid you through troubling times. These can help you with school, work, or just life


Leo Coughenour

Andrea Lindner, Variety editor

BEFORE YOU READ: This article mentions things that could be potentially triggering.

With the world in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and the fight for racial and social equality taking place in Hamline’s own neighborhood, it can be difficult to remember to take time for ourselves. September is National Suicide Prevention Month, so we have compiled a list of free, online resources you can access.


This website provides resources for people struggling with everything from anxiety disorders to psychotic disorders. The site also features guides for parents, educators and friends on how to talk about mental health and support their loved ones. While the website does not hone in on anything specific, it is a great place to find a variety of strategies and resources for helping to cope with mental illness.

 2) Sanvello app

Sanvello is an app aimed at users who struggle with stress, anxiety and depression. The app features methods for self-care, peer support groups, coaching and therapy all through telecommunication. The lasting effects of COVID-19 have left many people not feeling comfortable with attending in-person methods of therapy, making this virtual experience a great option. The wide variety of types of care offered also allows for people struggling with anxiety and depression to find a method of support that works for them. Sanvello is available on iOS and Android.

 3) Smiling Mind app

Smiling Mind is an Australian based free meditation app aimed at providing mindfulness exercises for people of all ages. The foundation features programs specific to adults, youth, classrooms and workplaces, as well as guided meditations (around 10 minutes long) focused on stress, sleep, wellbeing and much more. The website also notes that developers are currently working to translate the app into more languages other than English, including the addition of aboriginal languages for native Australian users. Smiling Mind is available for download on iOS and Android.

A statistical analysis of the leading causes of death for those age 15 to 34
Leo Coughenour

This information is the leading causes of death among people 15-34 years of age, Provided by the For more information, Please look here:

 4) LGBT National Help Center

The LGBT National Help Center is dedicated to providing mental health resources to members of the LGBTQ+ community. The website offers lists of books, movies and other forms of media such as podcasts and web comics that bring attention to LGBT issues through a variety of genres. Users can also find a general hotline as well as hotlines specific to seniors and youth members of the community. Youth and peer chat rooms are also available for anyone looking for a safe space to talk. The website also features a ‘quick escape’ button that directs to google for users who may fear their friends and family seeing them accessing the resource. All services offered by the site are free and confidential

 5) BEAM (Black Emotional and Mental health collective)

BEAM is a service aimed at creating safe spaces and providing mental health services and resources to Black people across the US. While exploring the page, users can discover journal prompts, graphics for self-care, videos discussing anxiety and healing, virtual therapy that includes therapy specific to Black members of the LGBTQ community and Black women and so many more resources. While it is not yet available in Minnesota, BEAM also offers Mobile Crisis Units that provide immediate response to emergency mental health situations and serve as an alternative to calling 911. BEAM values the message of healing justice and wellness within Black communities. 

If you are someone you know is struggling PLEASE contact the Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-8255