Speakout: How do the mask policy and online classes affect your student life?

Mien Le, Columnist


Josh Peterson, a junior at Hamline
Mien Le
Josh Peterson – Junior

Josh: For me, online classes are tough as I tend to lack motivation as classes move farther from an in-person format. I also don’t think a pricy private school is worth the cost when you get a clearly sub-standard education online. With the mask policy, I don’t feel the need to be constantly masked outdoors, but I’m comfortable with the indoor mask policy.


Rianna Babatz, a sophmore at Hamline
Mien Le
Rianna Babatz – Sophomore


Rianna: The mask policy doesn’t affect my student life at all, I’m willing to do whatever it takes to keep people safe. Most of my classes are online this semester, and I enjoy them because I get to see everyone’s face without a mask. I also enjoy spending time with my friends both virtually and in person, we keep 6 feet apart and have masks on.



Fatima Menawa, a sophomore at Hamline
Mien Le Fatima Menawa – Sophomore


Fatima: I think the new policies around masks are necessary for us to be safe. It’s difficult remembering to always wear your mask, but I am grateful that people are protecting themselves and the school is prioritizing safety. Masks also make students feel easier to live their normal lives because we can still be able to be on campus, see our friends, and an active part of the community.