Back to the clubs

Campus Rec plans for new COVID-19 friendly programs.

Jilly Wortman, Reporter

The world is slowly opening up, many places are trying their best to find the safest way to accomplish that. Hamline Campus Recreation is in the process of opening safely for all students.


 As of right now, only Hamline Student-Athletes have access to the equipment. In a normal year, Campus Recreation is responsible for copious clubs, fitness classes, personal trainers, intramural sports, and recreational equipment all free for Hamline students in attempts to keep the university and its students active.


Walker Fieldhouse has felt a little empty this fall since the space is only available for Hamline’s student-athletes. However, that isn’t the plan for the long run. John Guetter, the Campus Recreation Program Director, said that there are plans in the works to be able to offer all students access to the workout facilities once again. 


This access will look different than in years past, students will have to sign up for a specific time slot to limit the magnitude of people in the building throughout the day. However, there will still be student-athlete designated times. With the change in weather the office does understand the importance of the need for a workout space and is planning on communicating the finalized plans and instructions to all students via email. 


Campus Recreation is also working on virtual events for students to do in the comfort of their own homes or dorm. This includes a discussion of yoga and fitness classes along with personal training sessions, still for free. When these are available students will be able to sign up through using their Hamline login. There is also talk within the office of finding a way to create a safe environment for intramural sports to take place with some kind of tournament, more information for that will be coming soon.


Clubs through Campus Recreation are also making adjustments to this unprecedented time. HU Prime, the school’s dance team, made plans which include implementing indoor and outdoor dance clinics where dancers can choose where they feel most comfortable and virtual meetings in efforts to bring the team together. HU Prime said they are planning some fun surprises to bring the campus joy during this time.


Until things are back up and running in Campus Recreation, Hamline students can register for the Pick Em League. There will be both season and weekly winners throughout the NFL season, students can join anytime and instructions will be emailed to the student’s Hamline account. 


Just like most things right now there is not a definite timeline or expectations but soon enough students will be able to get back on their workout grind safely. Although some of the details aren’t set in stone, more information is on the way.