COVID-19 can’t stop Hamline’s fall fashion

Even in the midst of a pandemic, Hamline students are still allowing their personalities to thrive within their fall styles.


Ali Kimball
Boots are comfortable, stylish and a must-have for staying warm as the temperature drops.

Z Martinez, Reporter

While COVID-19 has altered the ways many people now live and work, Hamline students are still finding ways to express themselves during this fall season through their styles by finding ways to personalize their clothes and make it all their own.

First-year Ridwan Ali Mohamed has discovered a lot more about herself and her style during this time by finding inspiration through Pinterest, Instagram and various other websites. Mohamed stated that being in lock-down gave her a lot more freedom to explore and find out more about who she was. Mohamed enjoys dressing modestly, yet also cute and casual by finding lively colors to match her spirited personality. During this fall season, Mohamed’s wardrobe will include her finest sweaters, scarfs and color-coordinated outfits of orange, nude brown, green and gray. Though she admits to being inspired through observation, Mohamed also believes in always finding ways to wear her outfits in her way.

“It doesn’t have to be dull or like a certain way, I just like to make it my way, you know?” Mohamed said.

Customizing looks is also something that Sophomore Fatima Menawa recognizes. Menawa has found that our generation has become immersed in “being original” which then causes it to have the opposite effect. She believes that doing what everyone else does is fine as you can always put your own spin on it and make it your own. Menawa first established her own fashion style in middle school using Tumblr girls as inspiration and then evolving it until it became her own. This fall season, Menawa’s wardrobe consists of her fall inspired boots, knitted sweaters, jackets and her jeans – a must have in her wardrobe – all topped off with her fall colors of dark yellow to orange. Menawa expressed that during these hectic times amid the pandemic, people should feel comfortable doing what they want, may that be “going the extra mile” to feel good about themselves or just having a “lazy day.” It is left to the individual and what works best for them as they adjust to this new way of living.

 “I definitely prioritize…feeling comfortable and having space in my clothes,” Menawa said. “You know because if I feel good, I’m gonna look good.”

First-year Darrell Washington found himself drawn to grunge style looking clothes that further emphasized his fall wardrobe aesthetic. Washington wears a lot of warmer clothes as is part of his look. He enjoys nit-picking from different trends to further personalize his perception of the style, finding accessories only to add to the look when needed as he stays consistent in his style throughout the year. This pandemic has given him some liberation as he noticed himself wearing a lot more of what he wanted to and trying things he didn’t usually wear before. Washington reported that his look is very “complex” and usually contained darker colors that he is slowly transitioning into a larger variety of colors. He disclosed that he wants to express who he is and put himself forward through his style.

“I try to present a reflection of who I am,” Washington said. “Saying this is me and try to make an imprint on the world.”

A model, Darrel, showing off some fall fashion
Ali Kimball

Darrell Washington staying warm and also stylish in the Fall weather.