How to boost productivity in uncertain times

How students can be prepare for upcoming online finals and stay organized

Leslie Farrera-Perez, Reporter

Let’s face it. We are at the peak of the semester, and being productive amidst all the craziness in the world is getting more and more difficult. Here are five helpful tips so you can be more productive.


1. Have a workspace

A designated workspace will help you stay focused on your tasks. Whether you are at home or on campus, setting a space where you can complete your tasks distraction-free will encourage productivity. For example, a five-page paper will probably be harder to complete if you’re in the comfort of your bed. Switching to somewhere that enables you to be productive will make the process much easier. You can also create an environment that best helps you focus within that workspace, like playing instrumental music.


2. Commit to a schedule 

Establishing some kind of routine or plan to stick to every day is essential. Especially since everything seems uncertain right now, this offers consistency and provides a sense of control over your life. It may require a bit of discipline if you are not already used to it, but it will help keep you accountable, and you will not fall behind. In addition to class or work-related time slots, it is important to also have slots for breaks. Some possible ways to work in a schedule may be using alarms or timers, a planner or reminders on your phone. You can also use apps, such as the free app called “Structured,” which allows you to plan your day hour to hour and sends you reminders about your next task. 


3. Take a walk

You can take a walk literally or figuratively. What this means is doing something that will keep your mind at ease, whether that is actually taking a walk, meditating, journaling, praying, working out or playing an instrument. However you choose to keep your mind at ease, it would be beneficial to place it in your schedule as it is of equal importance with the rest of your tasks. Setting apart time to do this will allow you to reset and have a refreshed state of mind, preparing you for later completing your other tasks. This is especially important for your mental and emotional health during these times.


4. Do not lose sight of your aspirations

This is definitely easier said than done. However, keeping your aspirations in mind can help you stay motivated. Particularly during this pandemic, it is very easy for one to get discouraged or out of focus. It will be much easier to be productive if you remember to envision the goals you hope to achieve. This will remind you that the things you do have a purpose and are crucial steps to your end goal. Additionally, it will get you thinking in a more positive light, which is very much needed. As the famous quote says, “keep your eyes on the prize.”


5. Treat yourself with kindness

Reward yourself. Better said, treat yourself with kindness. Watch your favorite Netflix series, buy some Starbucks, read a new book, go online shopping, or in general, do something that makes you happy to celebrate your achievements. This works as an incentive and as a way to stay motivated and keep your spirits up.