A New Workout Space for New Years Resolutions

Hamline creates a new space for students, staff and faculty to workout in a COVID safe environment.


Cathryn Salis
The Bush Walker Building lobby provides an excellent view of the Giddens Alumni Learning Center and Old Main as well as lots of sunlight for the users of the Aerobic Center to enjoy.

Jilly Wortman, Reporter

Picture this: it is a new year and your resolution is to partake in a healthy lifestyle. However, we are still in the midst of a global pandemic and you, a Hamline student, do not know where you can work out in a safe environment. Look no further than the Bush Aerobic Center. It is up and running for all students, faculty and staff. Since Walker Fieldhouse and the normal weight room is being reserved for student athletes, Hamline has converted Bush Center and both of the racquetball courts in Walker Field House into individual weight rooms. 

There is a registration process that every person must complete to reserve a time for working out. 

“The reservation process was really easy,” said first-year cross-country athlete and Oracle writer Hayden Hayes. 

A reservation can be made up to a week before your desired time and each time slot is for a fifty-minute period. There is also an option to join a waitlist for a time slot that has already been filled. In this new COVID-friendly gym, there are two treadmills, two elliptical machines, one bike and a weight room fully supplied with all weight equipment, all of which have been properly spaced out. 


Cathryn Salis
Informational signs and posters are spread throughout the lobby with instructions to make a reservation at the Aerobic Center and other services provided by the Recreation Desk at this time.

In order to keep the people of Hamline safe and healthy, there are multiple guidelines for this new gym set up. Masks are always required, even while working out. They are also asking every person who uses a piece of equipment to wipe everything down once they have finished using it. 

“The student worker also wipes down all the equipment after each shift which is really nice,” said Hayes.  

Along with those guidelines, they also have a limited number of reservations available. For the aerobic center, there are up to five possible people at a time. Meanwhile for the weight room, there are only two reservation spots available. 

“I was actually all by myself each time I have gone because of the number of times available,” said Hayes. 

Another step the recreation center is taking is they will have a student worker monitoring the door at the top of each hour to allow students in, this will prevent foot traffic and keep capacity at a minimum.

The hours for the Bush Aerobic Center are 8 a.m.-8 p.m. every Monday through Friday and 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Sundays. At this time, they are not open for operation on Saturdays. Those interested in registering can do so by logging into imleagues.com and selecting the “Aerobic & Weight Room Reservations” tab on the top of the screen.