Bounce back, bounce back like a basketball

Men’s basketball has changed the momentum for the Pipers on the court, setting a new tone for the season and earning another W on their record.

Cathryn Salis, sports editor

The name of the game was rebound in the past match between Hamline and Concordia College last Wednesday. After a disheartening defeat three days prior, the Pipers set a season-high record of 88 points in a game, with Concordia only putting 74 on the board. The Pipers took the lead early and maintained it the entire match.

Junior Andrew Jackson led the team in rebounds by putting eight on the board. Jackson also contributed 18 points to the Piper’s lead, setting a new career-high for himself, breaking the record he made only one game ago.

Another key player in this match included junior Luke Siwek shooting a game-high of 23 points. Siwek consistently contributes to the team’s success in a big way and has proved to be indispensable. 

Head Coach Jim Hayes has recognized Siwek as “our most consistent scorer all season,” and Siwek hit a season high of three 3-pointers hit in one game on Wednesday.  

courtesy of Hamline Athletics

Senior Micheal Dillon made a rebound of his own in playing an efficient game immediately after returning to the court from an injury. He contributed 16 points, three rebounds, two assists and two blocks.  

The Pipers ended the first half leading the score of 49-29. Hamline’s defense was strong and the offense did its part in maintaining the lead the whole game. They ended with a 54.4% shooting on field, contributed to by the 60.0% from the three.  

Additional contributors to the Piper’s success are sophomore Marshall Holland with 12 points and six rebounds, senior Trey Prince with a season-high of nine points and junior Jake Larson with four points and a career-high eight assists. 

Men’s basketball hopes to keep this momentum going as the season progresses, as they have lots of talent on the court and know how to set the tone of the game as well as maintain it. For the most up-to-date stats and calendar, visit