Letter From the Editor

Andrea Lindner, Editor In Chief

Welcome to the Oracle, Hamline’s own independently run student newspaper. Every part of our paper – stories, photos, illustrations, editing and the overall layout design – is done by our staff of Hamline students. My name is Andrea Lindner and I am this academic year’s Editor-in-Chief.

The Oracle was first established in 1888, and has consistently published for the past 133 years. We are a paper dedicated to delivering Hamline news to the Hamline community and being a throughline to all the happenings on-campus during your time here.

From updates on the Hamline COVID-19 policies, the sudden appearance of a giant golden frog outside Bush Memorial Library, the performances of sports teams, to student opinion on anything you can think of, the Oracle is your one-stop-shop for all things HU. 

This year we are also very excited to introduce the Oracle’s first ever podcast, “After Deadline,” where you can tune in to hear about how our reporters turn a story idea and a handful of quotes into an article. The first episode, “On Deep Background,” is available on our website now.

As our advisor Professor Trevor Maine and former advisor Professor David Hudson have told us time and time again, there is no difference between student journalism and ‘real’  journalism. The work we are doing is not devalued by our status as students, and in fact, we use that status to our advantage. We are here to dig deep into this community because it is our community, and we deserve to know it in its entirety.

As you become part of our Hamline community, we hope that you will engage with the work that we do here at the Oracle, be that as a reader or a member of our staff.

You can pick up a new copy of the Oracle every Wednesday almost anywhere on campus starting September 15th, or find us online at www.hamlineoracle.com. If you have any questions about what we do, you can reach us at oracle@hamline.edu.