The return of the intramural program

Three semesters into the pandemic, Campus Rec has brought back the intramural sports program much to the excitement of the non-athlete student body.

Cathryn Salis, sports editor

Competition is the glue that binds together the throngs of students at Hamline who miss their high school sports or want to be active, but aren’t able to join a Hamline team for whatever reason. It is the pull that even golf is able to emit, it makes the hard work and pain that physical games present worth it. It keeps passion alive and rewards the hard work that folks put into any sport event. 

Healthy competition among students at Hamline, however, had been in short supply due to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent restrictions and regulations implemented. The intramural program, which operated through Campus Recreation, was one of the first activities to be suspended. This decision was not without detriment and while necessary, many students felt they were missing out on key aspects of their social lives.

“I enjoyed spectating intramural sports on my time off! It was exciting to root for my friends’ teams and a good way to take a break from academics,” junior Myrka Zambrano said. Zambrano, while not officially on a team, still enjoyed and benefited from the programs and misses its presence on campus.

Additionally, intramurals are a wonderful mental health support. Countless medical professionals correlate moderate and regular physical activity to healthier and happier brains due to the release of a chemical called endorphins, which floods the brain and triggers happiness.

“[Intramural volleyball] made me happier! It helped me not think about homework and also helped me focus on school more. I met a lot of good friends through intramural sports,” junior Emily Mackenzie said.

These programs were more than an excuse to kick the ball around. They were important to the feeling of connectivity to the school and to other peers, and many sophomores feel they are missing out on this opportunity because of the lack of the intramural program.

Former first-year students and current first-years are often compared this year due to their similar level of exposure to all the programs Hamline has to offer. The reintroduction of intramurals is enticing for many sophomores who feel they missed out their first year to make friends with similar interests.

“This is really exciting because it means there’s another opportunity to connect with fellow students through a fun activity and competition,” sophomore Liam Schwatz said. “I definitely missed intramurals my first year which was something I was really looking forward to. I feel like I missed out on a lot of opportunities to connect with other students and develop those relationships, so to be able to participate this year means a lot to me.”

Intramurals are viewed in a positive light by the majority of students who are looking forward to a more “normal” semester than Hamline has experienced in a while. They will provide an additional source of entertainment and a new activity to try out. 

“Other people that I’ve met say that they’d enjoy participating in some fun activities around campus as well. I’m super excited to join in!” sophomore Emma Coppola said.

Students can register a team for different intramural sports on the Campus Recreation website, using their Hamline log-in information. For the fall season, Hamline is offering Bags, 7-on-7 soccer, Pickleball, 7-on-7 flag football and 3-on-3 basketball. Grab some friends and get involved in the intramural sports program on campus!

Cathryn Salis
The website Campus Recreation uses to facilliate sign-us for the Aerobic Center and intramural sports is accessible and clearly labelled.