Weekly Piper round-up


Aidan Stromdahl
Klas Field is an iconic scene for many student athletes at Hamline, and now with the lifting of spectator restrictions, new students can see the stadium for the first time while attending games.

Cathryn Salis, sports editor

Women’s soccer 

at Northwestern 9/22 W 2–0

at Bethel 9/25 L 1–3

The women’s soccer team broke even with this week’s record, taking a game from Northwestern College last Wednesday and giving one to Bethel on Saturday. 

In the first 20 minutes of facing Northwestern, the Pipers had scored the only goals of the game and their defense was able to hold and secure the rest of the game. Four saves on goal were made by senior Laura Sicora throughout the entire game. 

Dissimilarly, the Saturday game did not go as smoothly for Hamline women’s soccer as one might hope. Maya Dempsy started the game off with a goal in the 25th minute for the Pipers, but Bethel answered with three which resulted in an unfortunate loss for the team. However, Sicora made seven saves for the Pipers over 90 minutes and the Pipers led shots overall by one.

The Pipers have a full schedule in the upcoming week and look forward to more opportunities for success. 


Women’s volleyball

at Saint Benedict 9/22 W 3–1

at Crown College 9/24 W 3–0

vs Gustavas Adolphus 9/25 W 3–2

Be it in three, four or five sets, the women’s Hamline volleyball team took home wins all week in their three back-to-back non-tournament games, two of which being league play. The Pipers were on the road to play Saint Benedict, a team the women’s volleyball team hasn’t beat since 2016. 

This first league game was only taken to four sets total after the Bennies took the third set with a three-point differential. The Pipers shut that down immediately and ended the game in the following set, bringing the Pipers to 1–0 in the MIAC and the Bennies to 0–1. 

The Pipers then faced Crown College on Friday on the road, finishing the game quickly and neatly. The Storm never scored over 16 points in a single set, hardly earning 36 points in three sets total. The Hamline women’s volleyball team was home in time for dinner on Friday, giving this non-conference team no mercy.

Returning to league play, the Pipers faced off against Gustavus Adolphus in Hutton Arena on Saturday in a thrilling, back-and-forth match. The Gusties took set one and three, but the Pipers were able to hold them off in the fifth set ending at 16–14. 



at Carleton 9/25 L 7–35

The football team earned their first loss of the season on Saturday while facing off against Carleton College in Northfield with a 28-point deficit. The Carleton Knights scored early and with only 11:24 left in the first quarter. The Pipers remained scoreless for the first two quarters but with less than three minutes left in the third quarter, sophomore Alec Ralph scored from seven yards out. 

The Pipers play again on Saturday against St. Scholastica at Klas Field for the Hamline homecoming game at 1:00 p.m. Admission is free for Hamline students. 


Men’s soccer

at Bethel 9/25 T 1–1

Men’s soccer also faced Bethel on Friday in an intense 110-minute game with two overtime periods and a 1–1 final. The Pipers scored in the first ten minutes of the game and it wasn’t until the second half that Bethel finally put one away from 18 yards away. 

Sophomore Luke Rimmington made eight saves over the entire game and the leading scorer, senior Robert Cooper, was Hamine’s only scorer of the game. Bethel outshot the Pipers both overall and on-goal, but Rimmington led in saves for the game.