Changing fall colors in style

Changing colors brings new fashion sense to campus.

Eliza Hagstrom, Variety Editor

Eliza Hadstrom
Sophomore Katie Mikesell shows off her fall color coordination.

As the leaves continue to change colors and scatter across campus, students emerge with an array of cozy sweaters, scarves and jackets to brace for the changing weather. Fall brings  cozy vibes, shades of orange, yellow, red and Halloween. The feeling of being bundled up around a campfire or with friends at an apple orchard are highlights of the season. 

The colder temperatures generally require people to layer up, bringing out the sweaters and jackets that make fashion this time of year so much fun. 

First-year Lydia Brassington emphasized her love of both fall and Halloween. 

“I love the trees, the changing colors. I love the sweaters, I have so many.” Brassington said. 

Almost 90 percent of Brassington’s closet is thrifted from Goodwill or local thrift stores. By doing that she has been able to find unique pieces. This also plays into Brassington wanting to try different things and not  fit into just one aesthetic or area. One way of achieving this is through colors, and like many fall colors heavily inspire Brassington. 

Eliza Hadstrom
First-year Lydia Brassington enjoys all the fall colors and embraces it within her style.

“The colors, orange, yellow, black, great,” Brassington said. 

Cozy sweaters in all these colors, and sage green, are a must have for Brassington. A variety of things influence how Brassington dresses and styles herself. These include her friends, people on Instagram and seeing what looks good in stores.

Sophomore Katie Mikesell has also been thriving in this fall aesthetic lately. 

“A good mix of masculine and feminine energy with every outfit,” Mikesell said. “That’s very important to me.” 

Mikesell echoes the love of soft, cozy sweaters during these chilly seasons. 

“[I am] really big on color coordination and contrast especially,” Mikesell said. “Similar or complementary colors as well.” 

The fall colors inspire Mikesell in the color scheme of her outfits. Her inspiration comes from the changing colors of the trees. 

Sweaters, all the sweaters, is what defines the wardrobe of junior Brynn Haskin. Fall is her favorite season because the weather allows her to show off her every growing collection of sweaters. 

Eliza Hadstrom
The fall leaves are one of junior Brynn Haskins
favorite parts of the fall season

“So cozy, I love to be cozy,” Haskin said. 

Much to all of our dismay, sweaters are pretty expensive to buy new. So Haskin often steals sweaters from family members.

Her love of sweaters has a lot of influence from her mom. Haskin now is a similar size to her mom so she has been able to steal sweaters from her closet. 

“Fall is nice, you can wear the sweaters and show them off,” Haskin said. “[In] winter you have to wear parkas because it gets to like negative 30 here.” 

All of these students have a love of the fall season and aesthetics that easily translate into their wardrobes. 

Have a festive fall and enjoy the weather as the leaves continue to fall.