staff ed: hate speech on campus


Staff Editorial

This semester saw students face several disturbing instances of blatant racism and antisemitism on campus. These events, taking place in classrooms and residence halls, make it evident that not every space is safe for all students.

There is no safety on campus until we are all safe. No one should have to fear existing in a space that they were promised to be welcomed into; security and comfort should be requirements, not privileges. 

The bigotry we saw on campus this semester is not new, and reflects wider societal and systemic issues within our communitybe that through administration or our student body.

The Oracle stands firmly with Black students, Jewish students and students of all identities who have witnessed and experienced hate speech during their time at Hamline. These actions are a disgusting display of prejudice and should be condemned as such. Hamline’s campus belongs to all of us, and no person should be alienated from the community due to any aspect of their identity.

While we hope it is not necessary to do so, the Oracle will continue to cover hate speech related incidents on campus so that students are aware of the state of their own safety and wellbeing.

There is no safety on campus until we are all safe, and we are not all safe while the events we have seen take place continue to happen.


Andrea Lindner: Editor-in-Chief

Olivia Koski: A&E Editor

Cathryn Salis: Sports Editor

Elizabeth Lowe: Managing Editor 

Eliza Hagstrom: Variety Editor

Anika Besst: News Editor 

Jacob “Coby” Aloi: Multimedia Editor