Hamline decor in the 21st century

Hamline students share their unique room designs for their new dorms and apartments.

Ma T. Shwe, Multimedia Reporter

It has been three weeks since the new school semester started. From new classes to the new masking mandate, students are doing their best to feel at home in their dorms. I interviewed three students for their input on room decorations to inspire those who want to create a room showing their interests and personality. 

Suzanne’s room decor. (Ma T. Shwe)

Suzanne N: any pronouns 

Year: Sophomore, majoring in legal studies

Location: Drew Hall

For Suzanne, there is a mixture of different aesthetics noticed throughout their dorm. A master of differing aesthetics depending on their moods. They created a room of both light and dark academia, perhaps by the influence of the legal studies major. 

Many of the pieces in their collections are from “[working] at a thrift store for a while, and that was definitely where I got most of my stuff. I tried to decorate with things that I have collected that mean stuff about what I’ve done so I have a lot of pictures.” 

Their favorite piece is the accessory organizer on their stand, next to deer antlers they found while shopping. Even down to their laptop cover is heavily decorated in stickers. Perhaps you have seen it at Leo’s Corner. 


LaNiesha’s room decor. (Ma T. Shwe)

LaNiesha B: She/They

Year: Senior, majoring in sociology 

Location: Hamline Apartments

As I enter LaNiesha’s room, I am greeted by the Minecraft “Wild’s Update” poster from a magazine. They explain their aesthetic as simplistic. 

“It’s more so just like what I find to be appealing, which I think takes from a bunch of different kinds of artwork as aesthetics.” 

This can be seen from the two framed posters of holding hands. They get most of their pieces from Target or Amazon. 

“Amazon is pretty good with variety and finding things that speak to you,” They said. 

The blue lava lamp that’s on the shelf, next to the blue-lit led lights is also from target. Majoring in sociology has allowed for LaNiesha to grasp the deeper meanings in their room, from the dinosaur air-blown balloon to the simple decorations and accessories in her drawer. 

“It’s kind of breaking societal constructs and societal norms. So I think some of it is who would put a balloon on their wall? That might not be seen as pleasing, but I’m doing it anyway, kind of breaking out of what is normal, what is normal decor and what does normal decor look like?” LaNiesha said. 

Kayden R: She/Her

Year: Senior

Location: Hamline Apartments

A breath of fresh air came from Kayden’s room. On a cart, a fishbone cactus is planted on a head-shaped vase. A peaceful room is what Kayden had made their dorm into, utilizing the south-facing room to grow thriving Pothos, Money Plant and an Ivy. 

Most of not all of “my art, all my home decor, is either handmade or I buy it from goodwill.” 

They also have more plants near the window, with different cacti and plants, some from the previous  “Adopt A Plant” event as well as from the end-of-the-school-year parties. Kayden’s main aesthetic is bisexual plant aesthetic which can be noted from the bi-flag hung over her window and the many, many plants in the room that she has bought from rummage sales throughout the summer. 

Art is an important part of their dorm, the apartment living room has collages covering one side of the wall,  many are collaboration pieces with her roommates.