After Deadline: Our Right to Choose

Our Right to Choose is The Oracle’s newest podcast miniseries! Alex Sirek, an reproductive-rights activist and Oracle senior columnist, is hosting conversations about Minnesota’s abortion landscape.

After the overturn of Roe v. Wade, Minnesota has become the only state in the north-central United States to ensure the protection of abortion rights. 

Considering our codified abortion protections, Minnesota is likely to become an “island” of abortion access. Meaning, abortion-seekers from across the Midwest are likely to travel to Minnesota to seek abortive-care. This interstate importance, along with Minnesota’s extensive reproductive healthcare history, makes our community’s abortion-culture particularly unique and noteworthy. 

Our Right to Choose’s mission is to uplift the stories, experiences and hopes of those most impacted by our community’s reproductive restrictions.

In future episodes, we plan to discuss Minnesota’s abortion history, predatory misinformation, destigmatization efforts and how we can use grassroots measures to expand abortion access for all. Give us a listen to hear interviews with activists, retellings of personal stories, and lots of referrals to local reproductive resources!

Our first episode will cover the abortion stories of members of the Hamline community. We encourage any interested students, staff or faculty to let their voices be heard by sharing their stories on our podcast anonymously or not! 

Anonymous stories can be written and submitted via our Google Form. These will be narrated on our podcast, with any and all identifying information redacted. If anyone would like to share their stories verbatim by recording with our team in the studio, we’d love to have you as well! If you have any questions or concerns, please email

Stay tuned for our first episode releasing in the coming weeks!