Hamline faculty “no longer have faith” in President Miller

Anika Besst, Senior Reporter

Hamline faculty have officially asked for the resignation of President Fayneese Miller. This was overwhelmingly voted in support of by the faculty. 

The vote came in response to current events that have resulted from an incident in a Hamline art history class in October. Faculty characterized this period as a “crisis facing the Hamline community concerning academic freedom.”

The Faculty vote occurred during an emergency Faculty of the Whole meeting. The measure passed with 71 faculty in favor, 12 against and nine abstentions out of a total 92 voting faculty.  Faculty characterize Miller’s administration as having mishandled the situation in a way they believe can only be resolved under new leadership. 

In the Faculty’s Statement, they first expressed that they stand for both academic freedom and the education of all students. In this, they recognized the importance of diversity to the classroom and to Hamline as a whole. They both respect and support the right for all voices and perspectives to be heard. 

“We believe our diversity of knowledge and experience makes us a stronger, richer community. Without this diversity, we would incompletely represent the community we strive to be,” their statement said. 

Part of their claims circled around academic freedom and the importance it serves to both a “strong liberal arts education” and to “uphold the principles of democracy.”

Along with other claims they outlined, faculty stand for the right to challenge others’ views, without judgment of someone for carrying them. They also stand for intellectual debate and the right to share resources and knowledge without “fear of censorship or retaliation.” 

Faculty took this opportunity to condemn the hateful and threatening speech that targets members of the community, including students. The statement also rejects what faculty called unfounded accusations of Islamophobia.” Faculty also called for fair treatment and due process for all university members. 

Faculty also praised Hamline community members “who have taken the time and had the courage to speak out.” This is a message faculty have mentioned in every letter and statement they have released about this topic. 

As of the time of publication, neither Miller nor Hamline Media Relations had responded to comment.