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In our busy lives, we often forget about important spaces we visit every day. One of those spaces being the bathroom. It’s a crucial space that can really affect your experience, especially if you’re a university student. There’s a big debate about whether single bathrooms or traditional stall bathrooms are better, and both sides have their own opinions but I’m not writing about both sides. I’m writing about why we would benefit from single stalls, especially on the Hamline campus.

Single bathrooms are a crucial component of inclusivity on university campuses. In today’s society, diversity and equality are fundamental values that need to be reflected in every aspect of educational institutions, including infrastructure. Single bathrooms offer a safe and welcoming space for all students, creating an environment that promotes inclusivity and acceptance. These bathrooms cater to the needs of non-binary, genderqueer and transgender individuals, providing a safe and reliable alternative to traditional binary restrooms.

Designated single bathrooms play a vital role in promoting the well-being of students who may feel uncomfortable or unsafe in gendered restrooms. By providing these restrooms, universities signal their commitment to creating an environment that prioritizes the needs and comfort of all students. Such restrooms are not only a physical space but also a symbol of acceptance, signaling to the diverse student body that they are welcome and valued.

Moreover, designated single bathrooms are not just about providing a safe place for those who do not identify with traditional gender roles. They also benefit students with disabilities, parents with young children and individuals who require restroom assistance. These bathrooms offer a comfortable and private space for everyone, regardless of their gender identity, physical ability or personal circumstances.

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Single bathrooms are a great alternative to traditional stall bathrooms as they offer a higher level of privacy. Communal bathrooms can be a source of discomfort and anxiety for many students. The lack of privacy inherent in stall bathrooms can lead to feelings of vulnerability and unease, especially during peak hours when the spaces are bustling with activity. On the contrary, single bathrooms provide a sanctuary from these pressures, allowing students to attend to their personal needs in a tranquil environment free from prying eyes and judgment.

Moreover, single bathrooms provide a more hospitable and inclusive environment for students who may be uncomfortable sharing a bathroom with others. This is particularly true for students with certain physical needs or conditions that require additional privacy. As a result, single bathrooms can act as a safe haven for these students, allowing them to feel more comfortable and confident in their daily routines.

Single bathrooms are also more hygienic than traditional stall bathrooms as they are used by one person at a time. This reduces the spread of germs and bacteria, making them a healthier option for students and faculty members alike. Furthermore, single bathrooms are often equipped with more amenities than traditional stall bathrooms, such as a sink, mirror, and adequate lighting, providing a more convenient experience.

Hamline University can benefit from installing single bathrooms across its campus, especially for its diverse student population. The university is all about inclusivity and by adopting single bathrooms, it can show that it cares about all its students. Single bathrooms can be a safe space for transgender students who might feel uncomfortable in traditional binary restrooms. Plus, they can also provide extra space and assistance for individuals with disabilities who need it. This can create a fairer campus environment and hopefully prevent negative situations like what was seen in the problematic Hamline confessions post. The Drew Residential Hall is a perfect example of how well single bathrooms work on a college campus.

As previously mentioned, it is of utmost importance to address the significance of gender-neutral facilities. While single bathrooms may seem like a step in the right direction, they must also be designed with inclusivity in mind. Gender-neutral signage and accessibility features are crucial components of any modern restroom design. By giving priority to gender-neutral considerations, universities like Hamline and many other Minnesota universities. can ensure that their facilities are genuinely accessible to all students, regardless of their gender identity or expression. When you search up ‘Universities in Minnesota with gender inclusive bathrooms’, Hamline is the third one to come up so obviously we’re currently doing something right so adding single stalls would just be taking it a step further in the right direction.

To sum up, single bathrooms are the way to go! They’re great because everyone feels included, they make sure your privacy is a top priority and they meet the needs of all university students. When Hamline University and other institutions switch to single bathrooms, they create a campus that’s welcoming, accommodating, and overall more appealing. So let’s say goodbye to the boring old stall bathrooms and welcome a no more awkward potty time!

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