Block Party welcomes students

HUPB hosts third annual block party.


Joe Dumas

Both new and returning students line up at the West side of the Heights parking lot to partake in the food and festivities.

Rikka Bakken, Senior Reporter

It may seem like the Welcome Back Block Party hosted by HUPB each year is all fun and games, but for Special Events Programmer Adrianna Anderson the event featured a heavy dose of work.

“There are a lot of small pieces that go into planning these events that you don’t think about until you have to plan it,” said Anderson. “[The Block Party has] been really overwhelming to plan, but it’s fun to see it all come together.”

Booking the food trucks and the inflatables while working with HUSC, Res Life and Campus Rec to plan the Block Party had Anderson busy all summer.

Tracking down food trucks represented a particularly difficult challenge, and HUPB adviser Lacey Squier said that HUPB starts reaching out to vendors before the end of spring semester.

“It may not seem like it,” said Squier, “but food trucks are super busy this time of year, and they don’t have a great response rate.”

Anderson said it helped that her predecessor had established a good foundation for hiring food trucks for this event. Still, communication with these busy and mobile entrepreneurs takes persistence and patience.

“It’s hard to get ahold of the food trucks because their office is a moving truck,” said Anderson. “Most couldn’t get back to me, and Tot Boss didn’t until about a week ago.”

In addition to Tot Boss, HUPB booked Fro-yo Soul and Foxy Falafel for the event. Attendees received two food tickets, one for Fro-yo Soul and one to use at the other vendor of their choice.

“We’ve had Tot Boss and Fro-yo Soul before, but Foxy Falafel is new,” said Anderson. “I chose them because I really wanted a good, vegetarian/vegan option. Lacey suggested them because they’re local.”

While cooling off with some fro-yo at the event, junior Rebecca Rosario enjoyed the benefits of the effort Anderson and other HUPB members put into the event.