Hot off the presses

The Fulcrum will be celebrating the 21st edition of the arts and literary journal.

Payton Mansfield, Reporter

If you are  in the mood for a mini-art gallery, poetry and burrito bowls, plan on stopping by the Fulcrum Journal’s Underpinnings release party. The upcoming party celebrates the 21st issue of the journal.

The Fulcrum Journal is Hamline’s student-run undergraduate visual arts and literary journal. Since 2006, it has served as a way for students of all majors to show their creative side. The journal publishes a variety of student creative works into a polished magazine. All undergraduate students are able to submit work. Submissions are typically accepted from fall until early spring. The Fulcrum undergraduate staff of seven has been hard at work in selecting pieces for publication and editing the journal.

“I am over the moon with how this year’s journal came out,” said senior Taylor Elgarten Editor-and-Chief of the Fulcrum Journal. “It’s stunning and gorgeous and I couldn’t be more happy.”

This year’s journal, titled Underpinnings, features a total of 42 pieces of art and creative writing by Hamline students. Each year, the staff chooses one of the many visual art submissions as the cover. The 2018 cover features “Blue Eyes” by senior Lexi Goethel, the Arts Editor at the Fulcrum.

Unlike previous years, the 2018 publication has a title to match the theme of the featured pieces. Fulcrum’s Literary Editor and News Editor for the Oracle, sophomore Madelaine Formica, says the title was inspired by the fact that many of the published pieces deal with social issues.

“It’s very representative of the structure of society right now,” Formica said.

Formica also says this year’s journal features more artwork than last year and more poetry in place of longer literary pieces.

“We had very strong art pieces this year, and very strong literary pieces,” she says. Initially, the staff was worried there were not enough lengthier written pieces, but they found a way to work with the large amount of art and poetry submissions. “We think it gives more of a balance,” Formica said.

The release party, as in previous years, will feature printed out images of accepted visual art pieces and several original copies to give visitors a sort of art gallery experience. There are also seven performers currently signed up to read their poetry and literary pieces. The party is a way for staff to celebrate the work that goes into the journal as well as the student submissions that make it possible.

“This is our big hurrah and to appreciate everyone who submitted to us,” Formica said.

All are invited to enjoy food, performances and a copy of the journal. The event is on Apr. 30, 2018 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. in Anderson 111.