Staff Editorial: In response to George Floyd

Oracle Staff

This last week has been very turbulent not only for the state of Minnesota but also for the nation and world as a whole. On Monday, May 25 the Twin Cities saw, again, the death of a Black man from police brutality. This is a real, systemic issue that exists in the community Hamline University calls home. According to data collected by Mapping Police Violence, Black people are killed at 6.1x the rate as white people by the St. Paul Police Department and 13.2x the rate as white people by the Minneapolis Police Department.  

As Hamline students, we are hurting. We also know these issues impact students in different ways. 

The Oracle has been published by Hamline students since 1888 and we are committed to reporting clear and accurate news. This means we will continue to provide the Twin Cities and Hamline community with updates and information we believe is necessary for all. 

The Oracle stands with students of color. The Oracle stands with Black students. As addressed by Hamline Undergraduate Student Congress (HUSC), Hamline offers resources for all students to utilize. This includes: 

Hedgeman Center for Student Diversity Initiatives (

Wesley Center ( 

Dean of Students (

Office of Inclusive Excellence ( 

Health and Counseling Services (

Hamline Undergraduate Student Congress ( 

We send our deepest condolences to the Floyd family as well as all families who have been affected by police violence. It is important to recognize the systems of oppression that we perpetuate in our lives. The Oracle has a history of amplifying privileged voices whether that be intentional or not. We acknowledge this and will fight to lift stories so all voices are heard.  

Your editors, 

Carmen Danz     Sabrina Merritt

Editor-in-chief      Managing Editor