Speakout: After seeing how Hamline handles COVID-19 with their policies and how the students behave (some follow the instructions, some ignore), do you feel safe when you are on campus?

Mien Le, Opinion Editor

Jazmin Clausen - Sophomore
Jazmin Clausen – SophomoreMien Le

Jazmin: With all of the policies in place here, I do feel safe, but I feel like Hamline has the right idea but the wrong approach. It’s hard to do things with people when everything is virtual. And anyone can walk into Anderson and eat with their masks off, but we can’t go into each other’s dorm halls? 



Bennett Kasten - Sophomore
Bennett Kasten – SophomoreMien Le 

Bennet: I’m not sure what exactly we’re even doing to begin with. They have a mask policy but that’s common sense, and the staggered meal times aren’t really followed. The campus clear app doesn’t always work. It feels useless at best and at worst a chore.  I feel safe, but i can’t really say it’s because of the administration’s actions and policies.

Sadie Berlin - Sophomore
Sadie Berlin – Sophomore Mien Le 


Sadie: I do feel safe at Hamline, I think we are handling the COVID situation well overall. I think there are definitely things that could be improved such as better communication regarding cases on/near campus, but other than that, they have it pretty much under control. I like the enforced social distancing policy and sanitation in Anderson. I think that has been very effective in lowering the risk of COVID and really any sickness spreading.