Speakout: How are you preparing for the midterm exam in the middle of a pandemic?

Mien Le, Columnist

Emily McKenzie
Mien Le

Emily McKenzie – Sophomore

Emily: Honestly, I’m not being prepared at all. With the semester being shortened, I have no idea when midterms or registration is. Also, I only have one midterm this semester, which I apparently did. It just felt like I just did a normal test.

Nha Ca Le Vo - First-Year
Mien Le

Nha Ca Le Vo – First-Year

Nha: I follow the instructions from my professor, watch a lot of lecture videos from my class, practice on a team assignment, and study with my TA. I also use resources that are available from the school website or classes.

Noah Vue - Junior
Mien Le

Noah Vue – Junior

Noah: Being occupied working multiple jobs and having different leadership positions on campus as well as taking 5 courses it’s been hard to find time to study and take time for myself. Preparing for midterms in this school year is going to be challenging for me without a midterm break and already being busy enough doesn’t help it either. For the time being, I’ll make sure to take some time off work so I can study for my midterms and take care of myself because that’s most important.