Speakout: What do you think about the importance of declaring a major?


Mien Le

Alanna Towle


Alanna: I don’t think it’s that important. A lot of people end up switching or going back to school or doing something completely different than they planned.  Almost nobody I know ended up doing what they planned their first four years of college.


Mien Le

Katelyn Mikesell

Katelyn: Declaring your major is one of the most important things of your college years, but the most important part to remember is that self understanding and keeping an open mind is the best thing you can do when deciding where your degree will take you.


Mien Le

Nazeer Robinson

Nazeer: The reason why it’s important to choose your major now is because it will solidify your reason for being in college. The feeling of being in college and not knowing what you want to do at the sametime paying a lot of money to be there is the worst feeling in the world.