Speakout: What do you think about the cultural and religious appropriation of Halloween

Mien Le
Samantha Denton – Sophomore

Samantha: Halloween is such a controversial holiday, especially since it’s been modernized with the smaller and “sexier” costumes. I think it’s fun to dress up, yes, but so many lines have been crossed with Native American costumes or the well known black face scandals. It’s okay to dress up in fun little devil or angel costumes for a day, but it shouldn’t be used in a less than subtle way to express someone’s personal bias and racisms.


Max Collins - Senior
Mien Le
Max Collins – Senior


Max: When it comes to cultural appropriation, it depends on the situation. If the person is wearing Native American headgear but is not Native American and not wearing [it] for the reason of appreciating the culture and just for fashion then it is 100 percent wrong and the person should stop. If instead the person is wearing it to appreciate the culture and doing so in a respectful way and is partaking in the traditions of the culture, then it is acceptable.

Mien Le
Ibuki Yamamoto – First Year


Ibuki: I think it’s fine for people to dress in a cultural costume as long as they know where it comes from and it’s an actual dress and not just a caricature. Hopefully by enjoying the costume they’d want to explore the culture it comes from. There was one time a girl wore a Kimono or something in the US and I was fine with it because she said she liked how the type of Kimono looked and was not ironically wearing one. Which is great because it was our national dress!