COVID-19 safe fall activities on and around campus

Although many places like apple orchards and haunted houses have opened for fall festivities, it is hard to know what is truly COVID-19 safe. Here is a list of COVID-19 safe fall activities to do with friends and family- socially distanced, of course.

Kathryn Robinson, Reporter

Apple and pumpkin picking


Although many of the attractions at apple orchards might be closed, apple and pumpkin picking are generally low-risk activities. Since picking apples and pumpkins is an outdoor activity, it is easier to social distance. Junior and Resident Assistant Mary Sollitto has gone both apple and pumpkin picking this season. She went to Schiltgen Farm which is about 30 minutes from campus. 

“It was a family owned farm which was nice,” Sollitto said. “Instead of picking out your own pumpkins, they had them already picked.” 

This helped with social distancing and the worry of how many people have touched your pumpkin before you. Outdoor activities are generally regarded as the lowest risk activity in regards to COVID, so apple and pumpkin picking can be a fun and safe activity this fall.


Pumpkin carving


Pumpkin carving is a safe and festive activity to do with friends and family. Finding patterns to carve on your pumpkin online is also a really fun activity to do with friends. For creative carvers, free handing a design is a wonderful way to express yourself as well. As long as carvers are socially distanced and outdoors, pumpkin carving is a wonderful way to show some Halloween spirit.




Hiking is not only great exercise, but it is especially important during this time to get outdoors and destress. With fall colors in full bloom, hiking is a great way to check out the sites during this beautiful season in Minnesota. 

“I’ve done a lot of hiking,” Sollitto said. “Of course there’s Minnehaha Falls, but there are also amazing places up north like Gooseberry Falls.” Como Park and Zoo are also nice places to hike. First-year students Raul Ortiz and Erika Albrecht have enjoyed taking walks together near the Como Park area. 

“It is a really nice area to walk around and it is close to campus,” Albrecht said. There are many beautiful hiking trails near Hamline besides Como Park as well. Shadow Falls Park is a ten-minute drive away and includes trails next to the Mississippi River. The Winchell Trail is also a popular destination for hikers as they offer many serene trails for both beginner and expert hikers. No matter what you’re looking for, the Hamline area offers many spots to take deep breaths and recenter yourself.  


Hamline’s grab and go mystery game night

While many of Hamline’s normal Halloween events have been canceled, the grab and go mystery game night is a fantastic way to safely celebrate Halloween with friends. The event will occur on Oct. 30 at 6 p.m. Students are able to form a team of one to four people and they will receive a mystery case to solve. There will also be grand prizes awarded to the first three teams to crack their case. The grand prize includes a year-long subscription to Disney Plus and a murder mystery themed board game. Not only that, but the first 50 people to register will get a commemorative crewneck sweatshirt. The deadline to register is Oct. 23 at this link