Speakout: What do you think about Hamline’s COVID plan shifting to the 3rd level?

Mien Le

Raina Meyer – Sophomore

Raina: I’m glad that Hamline is making students aware of COVID on campus, but I’m really disappointed in the irresponsible actions of students, especially over Halloween. Hamline was doing pretty well, but students decided to be selfish right as rates of COVID started skyrocketing in Minnesota, and now we’ll have kids going home, possibly exposing their families too. It’s been really disheartening, and I thought that we, as a student body, were better than this.


Mien Le

Kat McCullum – Senior

Kat: It’s nice to know that Hamline is so aware of the numbers and making changes, although a lot of that comes from self-conscious students who report. Overall I think it was a good idea to change the level.

Mien Le

Annan Gari – Junior

Annan: I am worried about my health and the health of my friends. However, although I am scared by what Hamline being in a 3rd level means – the more cases,  I am more confident and feel safe because of the safety measures the school is taking. Like, the dining hall becomes all to-go boxes and has people quarantine if they feel like they have symptoms. There’s also a more strict mask policy. I honestly feel like we made it through a better part of the semester so it’s safe Hamline is doing a real good job in adjusting to this pandemic.