Speakout: What do you think about celebrating Black History Month?

Mien Le, Opinion Editor

Ridwan Mohammed – Sophomore

“Celebrating Black History Month is fun. I like it because it makes a lot of Black people excited and they just are their most authentic and extra selves. It’s cute. It’s almost like a holiday. Everyone’s glowing in all their Black magic essence. It makes me happy to see other people happy. Black History Month is a month of good vibes and positive energy.” 

Issaclina George – Senior

I think it’s [BS] (for lack of a better word) and I don’t celebrate it. I’m Black every day, why is it that I should be more recognized one month over the others when Black people started this country? It doesn’t even make sense. I checked Black people should be a part of history lessons in general instead. We are given a month and they learn about the same thing every month.

Gaofoua Her – Sophomore 

Black history month is extremely important for generations to come. It is tied with our American history and we should not dismiss it. History is crucial for the future if we do not wish to repeat the same path.