Speakout: What tips do you think students will need to overcome the pressure of midterms?

Mien Le, Opinion Editor

Professor Endalkachew Chala, Department of Communication Studies

“Mid-semester exams can raise levels of stress.  Everyone is different but I think the following two tips worked for me. Taking regular breaks during revision and doing some mock exams or practice questions. When I was a student mock exams were my best revision strategies. They help you think critically about the content and help you master it. This will help you reduce your stress level.”

Edward Elliot – Senior

“For midterm, I’d usually say stay calm and not stress it, as that will only get you flustered when midterms arrive. Then be sure to internalize all the info you need by writing it down in notes or be able to review it in your head. Hopefully those are decent tips for your interview.”

Sena Ross – Junior

“Sleep in a reasonable hour and wake up early to study, clean your desk, write down everything you need to do on a reminder! What I like to do is put a timer for 10 minutes and try to focus during that time, if I feel like I can keep my concentration I keep going and if not I change subjects.