Speakout: What do our students think about having already finished half of the spring semester?

Mien Le, Opinion Editor

Mason Huynh – First-year

“Not being able to attend my freshman year physically seemed to me like a sad thing! Online school speeds everything up at a staggering rate. There are pros and cons to online school. However, the cons are not as significant as others might think. It is a weird year for schooling and I still do not believe that I am almost done with my first-year [of] schooling.”

Kue Thao – First-year

“I think the students who already finished half the spring semester are taking a step closer to their goals and towards graduation!”

Emily Smith – Senior

“I would echo what the other student said! It has flown by! I think everyone is doing great for sticking through school during a pandemic! It’s been fun to see ways people have been getting involved in virtual and socially distant ways!”