Everything the Twin Cities has to offer

Now that the snow is melting, the temperatures are warming and the sun is shining, the great outdoors are begging for Hamline students to visit and enjoy all the sights and experiences Minnesota has to offer.

Kathryn Robinson, Variety Reporter

Aidan Stromdahl
While exploring Summit Avenue, visitors can hop over to Grand Avenue and get ice cream from Grand Old Creamery.

Summit Avenue

Summit Avenue is known for the large, beautiful houses that line its street. Sprawling mansions, green grass and the smell of wealth might not seem inviting, but Summit Avenue is a gorgeous, welcoming place for all to enjoy this spring. With nearly 10 miles of trails, you can walk, bike or run while experiencing and enjoying the sights and sounds. Not only is Summit Avenue great for exercise, but shops surround the area. Grand Avenue runs parallel to Summit, so shops and restaurants such as Jamba Juice, Lululemon, Grand Ole Creamery and more are easily accessible while enjoying a day out. Now that the weather is warming, outdoor seating and social distancing make for a safe and fun day alone or with friends.

Shadow Falls Park

At the end of Summit Avenue near the University of St. Thomas lies Shadow Falls Park, a beautiful trail system right along the Mississippi River. Popular with local students from the surrounding universities, Shadow Falls Parks offers much to do. You can hike, look over the Mississippi River and lounge on the green grass. For history fans, there is also a World War I monument right in the center of the park. Shadow Falls Park is less well known than Minnehaha Falls and other popular sights in Minnesota, but it is spectacular nonetheless. If you go off the paved trail and down to the river, you can follow the hiking trail along the Mississippi River all the way to a small waterfall called Shadow Falls. Whether you’re an avid hiker, biker or just out for a stroll, Shadow Falls Park is a treat for all.

Central Park

A place for kids and adults alike, Central Park in Roseville offers a serene place to visit. With a park that includes a rocketship slide and a large play area, it is fun for all. For those looking for a more relaxed visit, Central Park has many trails to walk, bike or run on. The trails run right through gorgeous wooded areas that have sights like waterfalls, ponds, animals, and many wildflowers. Not only are there hiking trails, but it also features an amphitheater and picnic areas. When the weather warms up even more, there are often musical performances to watch at the lovely amphitheater. While this may not be a true hike in the woods, it still feels like you are on a getaway from the cities. 


Minnehaha Park

For those that love waterfalls, Minnehaha Park is the place to be. The biggest and most popular feature is the gorgeous waterfalls that are a sight to see no matter the season. You can hike to the falls and then explore the rocky terrain. There are gorgeous sights. For those that are not into waterfalls, this park still offers great hiking. It is more off the beaten path, so it offers a true hiking experience for those that love the outdoors. However, there are also many paved trails for the bikers and others that do not enjoy uneven terrain. Minnehaha Park and Falls are a must see in the Twin Cities.


Como Zoo

Como Zoo is an affordable, safe and fun activity for nearly everyone. Como Zoo is open 365 days a year and currently open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Reservations are required because of COVID-19 restrictions, but that doesn’t take away from the fun. The Como Zoo offers animal sights, large gardens and art to see throughout the zoo, and all of these attractions are free to the public. What makes the Como Zoo so unique is the enriching experience it creates for all ages. It has many children’s attractions, but also things that college students would love too. The serenity of the gardens and the gorgeous art is a wonderful way to take a break from draining classes and homework.


Aidan Stromdahl
Central Park is home to some amazing wildlife such as blue and green herons, egrets, wood ducks and much more. The trail also offers a great opportunity to invite your dog to enjoy the fun with you.
Aidan Stromdahl