Speakout: What are the roles of a leader on campus?

Mien Le, Opinion Editor

Zack Dickmeyer – Senior

“I think that the leadership roles offered on campus are very valuable opportunities for students to get experience in a range of different areas, and they can help students learn about new interests that they may have. I hold a leadership role through being a Frequent Programs Coordinator for the Residential Housing Association on campus, and this position has allowed me to hone my skills in organization, time management, and communication, and also it has helped me realize that I really enjoy planning events for the Hamline community!”

Casey Anderson – Junior

“The role of a leader on campus, in my opinion, is to be someone that students feel comfortable going to with questions. I think that it’s someone they can look up to, and ask for advice, and someone to point them in the right direction!”

Theo Hoang – Sophomore

“I think the role of a leader should be inspirational. Someone creates a welcoming environment that excites incoming students that they are attending Hamline and is prepared to tackle tough issues. With the current state that we are living in, fear and uncertainty, a student leader should be able to alleviate that tension and comfort those around them or virtually.”