Speakout: How has the anti-Asian hate impacted you?

Mien Le, Opinion Editor

Manisha Ram – Sophomore

“It impacted me in both good and bad ways…seeing/hearing about these attacks has really been sickening to comprehend or even imagine. At times it was so bad to see these vicious attacks especially to our elders that social media became too much… The recent attacks have brought the spotlight on how often violence, racism and xenophobia is directed to the Asian American community and how it’s easily overlooked, because of these attacks I’ve wanted to become a voice to those who aren’t able to speak up and finally call out the justice that the API and MANY other communities deserve.”

Saabera Khan – Junior

“Racism has been a different experience for me throughout the [last] two years. In certain situations, I’ve also felt people treating me in a certain way after learning that I’m not an American. More than the words for me it has been the way people look at me which at times does make me self-conscious, but at the end of the day… how the people I love treat me is all that matters and gives me the drive to go forward. I’ve been lucky to have great friends, both American and international, and the best mentors who have given me the strength and the courage to move forward and move on and to be confident about being me.”

Sydney Anderson – Sophomore

“I am obviously not an Asian woman but I do have friends who are Asians. I do worry about them a lot. I am really sad for them that they are at such an increased risk for violence. It makes me frustrated that there’s not much being done in terms of helping to alleviate this violence.”