Speak out: How has journalism impacted society?

Mien Le, Opinion Editor

Jenoah Edwardh – Junior

“Journalism has had both positive and negative impacts on society. If done incorrectly, it can be misleading, invasive of people’s personal privacy, and used for fear mongering or spreading misinformation. When done correctly, journalism can be a force for good. It keeps people informed, connects them to their community, and holds higher authorities responsible for their actions.”   

Mya Severson – Junior

I think right now especially journalism connects all of us so deeply. I remember the collective heartache after more articles and news came out about Daunte Wright’s untimely and unjust death. It lets society know what’s happening around the world and calls us to action to make changes. Journalists have to be just as fast as the times with digital media and I think as a society we are bombarded by news and opinions on what’s happening in the world. Personally, since the pandemic I find myself on my phone going through the news for hours just because I feel so disconnected from everything in my little beige apartment.

Robert Greenough – Senior

I think that many people in the United States are growing increasingly disillusioned with the big media corporations that have dominated discourse on TV for a few decades now. There seems to be an online media outlet for any activity or ideology you can imagine, but everyone still complains of partisanship in journalism. I think the problem lies in the lack of transparency on the motivation behind stories that is not necessarily expected of journalists these days, but also with the average media consumer who may be stuck in an echo chamber or lack the time required to research their sources of information.