Speakout: How do you feel about this semester ending earlier than usual?

Mien Le, Opinion Editor

Annika Roe – Junior

“I feel really rushed, and I don’t have time to finish everything. Overwhelming would be a good way to describe how I feel about school ending so early.”

Marine Lanchava – Sophomore

“In my opinion, ending the semester earlier than usual might have a couple of good consequences such as freer time for internships, work, or other activities. However, shorter-term also affects our experience in college. If this situation only concerns one semester no worries, but if the same happens with the fall semester, it will be unfortunate for college students to lose school hours.”

Joshua Vang – Sophomore

“The semester ending sooner than usual feels a lot more stressful than usual considering the circumstances everyone is in right now. Not only does it feel more stressful but it really puts more pressure on both the students and the professors to readjust and work harder. I just hope that everyone gets through the semester feeling as though they gave it their all and did the best they could.”