Speakout: What Do You Like About Working For the Oracle

Mien Le, Opinion Editor

Trevor Maine – Advisor 

“I love what new staff members bring to The Oracle. The paper is constantly reinventing itself to meet the needs students see around them every day. It’s a place where they can engage with campus life while also learning a craft.”

Julien Halabi – Buisness Manager  

“The Oracle has been one of the most supportive and rewarding places I have worked for. My colleagues are very encouraging and give amazing constructive feedback. Moreover, I have been able to gain plenty of experience not only on the business side but as a writer and editor. I have been able to learn many new skills.”

Jacob “Coby” Aloi – Multimedia Editor

“I like working for Oracle because it gives me an opportunity to explore the wonderful work of journalism in a low stakes learning environment. It’s made me a better writer and gives me a look into a career that excites me!”