Student’s favorite activities on and around campus

Now that campus is bustling with activity again, students share their favorite activities, as well as advice for first-year students.


Aidan Stromdahl
The blue garden allows for students to grab some fresh air and enjoy the scenery. Here students will find trees to provide shade, benches to take a seat, and a beautiful waterfall sculpture.

Kathryn Robinson, Variety Reporter

Campus is full of students again rushing between classes, sports and other activities. Many may have forgotten what activities Hamline has to offer, especially since the campus has not been operating at full capacity for over a year. While there is much to do on campus, there is also much to do off campus. Here is a list of many popular spots for Hamline students, as well as words of wisdom from students themselves.

On Campus:

The Anderson Center is often buzzing with students. The first floor has a Starbucks, Leo’s Corner (the C-Store) and study space. The second floor is the dining area, and lastly, the third floor has more study space and an outside terrace. Students often love the Anderson Center because of its large open windows, outside space and comfortable study areas. 

Lexi Borgesen, a senior, loves to get outside when she can. “Getting outside definitely makes my serotonin go up, especially when I’m stuck inside in class and work,” Borgesen said. 

Getting outside is something many students find important, and luckily Hamline has a beautiful campus to do so. “I love going for walks and hanging out in the [Blue] Garden,” Sophomore Carmen Garcia said.

The Blue Garden is located near Bush Memorial Library and Old Main. Its wonderful nature and serene waterfall make it a perfect spot to relax after a long day.

Off Campus:

The Midway area is teeming with both city life and nature escapes. The restaurants on Snelling Avenue and around the Midway area are favorites for Hamline students. Gingko Coffeehouse is right down the road from Hamline and is extremely popular among students.

 “I love Gingko and I go there to do homework,” Borgesen said. They offer delicious coffee, food and treats. 

Aidan Stromdahl
Ginkgos coffee is a great place for students to go study, hang out, and grab some food or drinks. Ginkgos also has live music for its attendees to enjoy while recharging.

Groundswell, located right in the heart of the neighborhood, is a delicious spot to grab a cup of coffee, a delicious sweet treat or a meal. Just a half-mile walk from campus, it is a wonderful place to meet with friends, study or eat. With their many vegan and vegetarian options, it is a great place for all to enjoy. 

Aidan Stromdahl
Groundswell cafe, coffee shop and award winning bakery is located in the Hamline Midway area, on the corner of Thomas and Hamline Ave opened in 2009 with the goal of building a stronger community and giving people a cozy place to get to know each other.

Kim’s Asian Market, Ding Tea and Master Noodle are also popular restaurants. 

“I love Master Noodle and right next door is Ding Tea, one of my favorite Boba shops,” Garcia said.

Not only does the Midway area offer many food options, but also many places to go to feel like you’re escaping the city. Como Park Zoo and Conservatory is right next door to Hamline and it has many walking paths, sites to see and a zoo to visit. It is a great affordable option for many students.

Being a first-year student can be a challenging time. Meeting new people, juggling classes and work and finding things to join can all be hard enough, let alone trying to figure out fun things to do. 

“Go to events on campus when they happen and meet new people. Also, if you’re able to get a job on or off campus that will really help with meeting people,” Borgesen said. 

Garcia also has some advice for students as well. 

“Explore!” Garcia said. “Whether that is with friends or on your own, getting more comfortable in the new environment and community brings a lot of peace and comfort.”