Hamline student awarded artistic excellence award

Hamline student enters and places in Art Show in Wyoming Minnesota.


Emily Mckenzie’s art piece “Remember, Forgotten Emotions” on display

Eliza Hagstrom, Variety Editor

The first sculpture junior Emily Mckenzie made in her “Beginning Sculpture” class during her fall semester in her sophomore year here at Hamline was a ‘Skin and Bones’ assignment. Back then, in her second year little did she know that this sculpture would lead her to enter, and place, in her first art show. 

This past year her professor Allison Baker, associate professor of art, sent her the information about The Wyoming Area Creative Arts Community 2021 Art Show held at The Hallberg Center for the Arts, and encouraged Mckenzie to submit her art. This art show is an annual art show that features Minnesota artists. 

So, she did. 

The bones of the piece were constructed from a mortar frame that was actually pretty box shaped before the skin was laid over it. The skin was made from burlap that was laid over the mortar structure. 

“I wanted to create a piece that seemed very hollow,” Mckenzie said on what lead to her creating this piece. 

That class helped Mckenzie decide to double major, in Studio Arts and Anthropology. And fueled her love for art. 

She titled this piece “Remember, Forgotten Emotions”. She added flowers to it as well, as a way to add a pop of color to the gray sculpture. Mckenzie picked orange marigolds, which in some cultures represent death and loss. 

After submitting her piece to be a part of the show, there was public voting for who’s pieces you liked best. Artists from all over the state were featured. 

The opening night of the gallery August 28 also served as the awards ceremony for all artists featured. Mckenzie placed fourth over all, still receiving over one hundred votes for her piece. Along with this placement she received an award for Artistic excellence.

The gallery was open August 28 through September 24 in Wyoming Minnesota. 

This is Mackenzie’s first show, yet hopes to enter more given the opportunity. But in order to do that she needs to create more art pieces. 

“Slowly working on more, [I] need to produce more art,” Mckenzie said. “I’ve only been doing art for a year, year and a half,” 

Mckenzie’s piece is available for purchase on the Hallberg Centers website. 

“As an anthropology and studio art major,”Mckenzie says in her ‘About the Artist on the Hallberg website. “I want to capture human’s emotions, behaviors, and cultures then produce that feeling into my artworks. I always find humans interesting as there is no two humans alike. It is impossible to recreate the exact expression, but only to create a similar expression.”


You can see her piece online on the Wyoming Area Creative Arts community website. 



Junior Emily Mckenzie plans on making more art and plans on entering more shows.