A spooktastic event

The Residential Housing Association’s (RHA) Haunted Hallway event is sure to delight as there are many activities and haunts planned for the fun, spooky evening.


Something spooky coming your way. Haunted hallway Wednesday, October 27th from 8-11p.m. in Manor Hall.

Kathryn Robinson, Variety Reporter

The chill in the air, the changing leaves and the skeletons hanging from dorm room windows can only mean one thing – Halloween is just around the corner. It’s time to get scared, and RHA knows exactly how to do that. Much to many students’ delight, the beloved Haunted Hallway event is back on this year after a pause last year due to COVID-19. The Residential Housing Association plans the event, and this year there is a lot to be excited about. 

Haunted Hallway, located in Manor Hall, has many activities to enjoy. Typically there are tables with different orgs on campus, a photo booth, prizes, fun costumes, and of course, spooky rooms.

Jessie Luévano, the co-president of RHA, is excited about this year’s haunted hallway event.

“There will be prizes, spooky things and a photo booth to take photos with your friends and your Halloween costumes,” Luévano said. “In the basement of Manor, we have a bunch of scary rooms and a tour guide that takes you into each one.” 

The various orgs and the Residential Program Committees set up these spooky rooms, and they all have a different theme. 

Regarding COVID-19 safety, Luévano is confident in the safety of the event. 

“We’re trying to make it so the tours are a bit smaller than they have been in past years, just for social distancing,” Luévano said. “We’re confident in being able to keep people away at separate tables, and the attractions are in separate rooms.”

Just like all other events at Hamline, a mask is required as well. 

RHA is involved in many ways on campus, not just for the Haunted Hallway event.

“Late Night Study Breakfast (LNSB) is the biggest event in the spring and fall. We do philanthropic events and last year we did some capital improvements for the dorms,” Luévano said. “Each residence hall has their own Residential Programming Committee, and they put on an event every month.”

Making sure that students’ voices and ideas are heard is a top priority for Luévano and RHA as a whole.

To check out Haunted Hallway and all other events RHA puts on, check out their Instagram @hamlinerha. Haunted Hallway will be Wednesday, October 27th from 8-11p.m. in Manor Hall. Come dressed in your Halloween costume!