Eliminating food insecurity one free meal at a time

The Food Resource Center provides students with free, quality food and meals for all students, no matter their income.

Kathryn Robinson, Senior Reporter

The increasing cost of living is straining many Americans’ pockets, and for many Hamline students as well. Juggling school, work, and other responsibilities oftentimes do not leave a lot of room to make enough money to fully support oneself. The Food Resource Center (FRC) on campus is a resource that is here to provide free food and meals to help keep the Hamline community fed and supported. 

Sophia Brown is on an AmeriCorps Food Access VISTA and is the one in charge of the FRC.

“Feed Your Brain was founded as a student organization in the Spring of 2017 dedicated to increasing awareness of food insecurity on college campuses, increasing food access for Hamline students, and creating a center that provides food and other resources to help students meet their basic needs in a manner that strives to uphold dignity and work towards food sovereignty,” Brown said. “The FRC is here because of amazing students who worked tirelessly to bring food to all students.”

The FRC has done just that. Bringing in around 350 shoppers a month and distributing nearly 3,000 pounds of food, the FRC is a staple for many students. The FRC also offers microwaveable meals that allow for free, quick and quality food.

“The Hamline Food Resource Center seeks to increase awareness of food insecurity on college campuses, increase food access for the Hamline community, and create a center that provides other resources to help students meet their basic needs in a manner that strives to uphold dignity and works towards food sovereignty,” Brown said.

When polled on a small sampling of the Hamline student body, nearly 70% of the student body had utilized the FRC. This resource is vital to the community and depended on by so many.

Lexi Borgesen, a senior, both works and frequently shops at the FRC.

“It’s super fun to connect with shoppers and my community to create a community that cares about food justice,” Borgesen said.

Sophomore Austen Harris recently discovered the FRC and now utilizes it often.

“It’s a really chill environment, you can just walk around to see what they have, or you can go get a meal or some veggies. Now that I know how to get in and what they have, I feel more comfortable going there for groceries,” Harris said.

Sophomore Martha Seymour often relies on the FRC, and the ability to cut down on cost decreases her stress. 

“The FRC has been such an important resource for me,” Seymour said. “Last year I was living off campus with roommates and half of our food came from the FRC which was so helpful because we had other bills to pay. Being able to cut down on food costs was such a relief.”

The FRC is located at the Walker Field House loading dock. Their Instagram, @hufoodaccess, has their linktree (linktr.ee/foodaccess) that allows students to order groceries, see if they are eligible for SNAP and access to many more resources. In order to get groceries, simply fill out the form in their bio, and then stop by for order pick up or in-person shopping.