Exciting happenings in Res. Life

Upcoming events in Res. Life at Hamline, incoming changes and how students can get involved.

Lucy Severson, News Reporter

The spring semester brings forth a world of new opportunities and ways for students to get involved on campus. Residential Life, in particular, is gearing up to make spring semester a memorable one for all, by organizing an array of fun events to bring the Hamline community together. 

According to the U.S. News & World Report, at Hamline University, “33% of the students live in college-owned, -operated or -affiliated housing.” 

Students who live in residential communities at Hamline may have access to floor events coordinated by RAs, giving students the chance to get to know people on their floor and make new friends. 

Abby Carlson, the co-chair of Res. Life programming told the Oracle about some of the Residential Hall Association (RHA) events coming up this semester. 

“We’re looking at hosting a dance lesson,” Carlson said. “We’re having a professional salsa competitive Bachata dance group come in. And then we always have our monthly trivia and late night study breakfast.” 

More information about these events can be found on Hamline’s presence page. Trivia will take place on March 20 in GLC 100E from 6:30 -7:30 p.m. If unable to make it, there’s a trivia night every month. 

“Due to COVID the past three years, RHA has kind of taken a step back,” Carlson said. “So, these next few years we’re looking to kind of explore our power again and see what we can do to help students on campus again.” 

RHA is looking forward to gathering student input and helping to improve residence halls this coming year. This organization is an important part of campus life, as they make many vital decisions regarding residential halls and are always striving for improvement. If students are interested in helping make such decisions in residential life, Carlson told the Oracle more information about how students can get involved in RHA. 

“Board applications for next year are coming up. That would be the executive positions that are held by us currently so your PR person in your Communications Chair, your Event Programmers, President, Vice President, Treasurer, that type of thing,” she said. “We also do something called RPCs. They’re like your dorm hall representatives.”

Dorm hall representatives are a voice for the students living in residence halls and bring attention to important issues regarding the halls. They also have the opportunity to plan events for the residence halls. For more information on Hamline RHA, visit @hamlinerha on Instagram.