You can do the Can Can

At Can Can Wonderland people of any age can revisit their childhood.


Sabrina Merritt

Can Can Wonderland features over 20 vintage arcade games for nostalgic entertainment.

Emma Hamilton, Reporter

The midway is home to many locally owned businesses, and among them Can Can Wonderland takes its place just a 20-minute walk west of Hamline.

When walking into the basement of a warehouse brewery it seems unlikely to find an artist hub and arcade, but that’s exactly what Can Can Wonderland is. With a giant disco ball hanging from the ceiling and vintage arcade games like pinball or the love tester, which determines your appeal on a scale from ‘blah’ to ‘uncontrollable,’ the space makes for a fun night out, whether you can purchase a drink or not.

Greeted at the door, you are given a wristband which designates who is under 21. There is no entrance fee, but once you are in, the games cost money- many are 50 cents. Their locally designed 18-hole mini golf course costs $14 per person or $2 each for groups of 15 and over.

Part Owner and Artistic Director Christi Atkinson explained that the dream to open an indoor mini golf course was really that of her co-owners’, but after she successfully implemented the mini golf course at The Walker Art Center, they all decided to collaborate.

“After interviewing, I don’t know, maybe 200 artists, we picked 18. Each hole has its own artist,” Atkinson said.

When describing what seems to be patrons’ favorite mini golf holes like Music Mountain and Gramma’s Living Room, Atkinson said, “I can’t pick a favorite, it would be like picking your favorite kid.”

This coming November and December, Can Can Wonderland will be going through major renovations as they open up the main hallway to create more space. A soft lounge space will be added, as well as a pool lounge and more arcade games.

The games are owned by a group of people who collect vintage arcade pieces. With this partnership they are given a percentage of the profits, and many of them hang out in-house and help with maintenance.

In addition to the spunky atmosphere, you can order cereal-flavored milkshakes (about $6 per shake) that emulate flavors of childhood including Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Lucky Charms and Fruity Pebbles. For those who are 21 and over, there is self-serve beer on tap (paid for by the ounce). Just grab a glass and pour.

With concession stand foods such as pizza, popcorn, sandwiches and cotton candy there is something for everyone to enjoy. There are often families with children there, playing games and eating treats, making for a dazzling family night out.

Can Can Wonderland is an otherworldly experience, where the foods and games are your childhood favorites and old people dance to the Cupid Shuffle. All are welcome, and all have fun.