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Sabrina Merritt

Sabrina Merritt, Managing Editor

Sabrina Merritt is currently a senior studying for degrees in professional writing and rhetoric and communication studies. Graduating in the fall of 2020, she has served at the Oracle since her first year, staring as a photographer and reporter for Variety and A&E. After a year as the paper’s Social Media Manager, she now works as Managing Editor. Her highest passions are tabletop role-playing and learning how to be an environmentally-friendly consumer.

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I do. I think that notoriously and historically if it’s been nice out, [commencement has] been at Old Main, and if it’s not nice, it’s inside. It’s promoted like, “here’s where you’ll graduate, in front of Old Main.” When it’s inside, people are limited. I think it sucks to limit people, especially for people from out of state or another country.” 
Savannah Spirov, senior


March 11, 2020
“I don’t know much about it. I come from a really small town and I’m not really political. It would be cool to get more awareness on it.”  - Trista Knebel, first-year


March 5, 2020
I show love to myself by keeping a routine, watering my plants and keeping a clean space. 
Parker Reindahl, sophomore


February 19, 2020

Speakout: Social media

November 13, 2019
Eva Silberman - Sophomore 
I think people speaking their mind by protesting is a great way to show what you believe in. The civil rights movement, the women’s movement, the LGBT movement, people saw the movements because of protesting.


October 23, 2019
“I think they’re doing enough. They wear those bulletproof vests. It makes me feel less safe seeing [HPS officers] wearing them.” - Frank Gustafson, senior


September 18, 2019
Coordinator of Religious and Spiritual Life Programs Zan Christ is speaking at TEDxHamline with a talk called “Islam and Muhammad are Feminist.

[Photo] ALIVE and kicking

February 20, 2019
There was no lack of tricks or treats at this years Haunted Hallways.

Halloween the Hamline way

November 13, 2018
Last years first-place winner at the Lip Sync battle was Erin Bougie - who will it be this year?Show up and find out!

Sync your heart out

October 18, 2018
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Sabrina Merritt