New restaurant is pho-sure a hit

As Pho Pasteur takes its place on Snelling, people are developing a taste for the new family owned restaurant.


Sabrina Merritt

Snelling’s newest eatery, Pho Pasteur, is home to a variety of Vietnamese cuisine for prices students can afford.

Lyneah Knopik, Reporter

Snelling Avenue is home to various ethnic restaurants going both North and South. These range from Korean to Turkish and even Ethiopian delights.Now there is a new face added to the street, and that is the face of Vietnamese cuisine.  

Pho Pasteur has been open for roughly two months and seems to be getting popular according to multiple Google reviews. They also have a Facebook page named after the restaurant where other customers have left reviews and also where a curious diner can find a menu sporting all the good food they provide. 

Jen Spielman, a customer, said, “The food was really good. We tried a variety of entrees and appetizers and each one was just as tasty as the last.” 

She was very excited to see such an array of Asian food options on the menu including Pad Thai and cream cheese wontons. 

Pho Pasteur also includes a menu catered towards vegetarian customers. They offer meals like Chả Giò Chay, which is crispy vegetarian tofu egg rolls, and Bún Chả Giò Chay, a vegetarian spring roll vermicelli made with pan-fried ‘mock duck.’ 

Their menu also includes sweet additions. They make both smoothies and bubble tea with an additional charge for a choice of boba, tapioca or combination jelly. Some flavors of smoothies include strawberry, mango, watermelon and honeydew.
Of course, they also have desserts like caramel flan and a dessert of the day option. 

The restaurant itself can be described as cozy. It is very open and the owner, Tien Phan, makes sure to make it as much of a welcoming environment as she can. 

It all seems wonderful and exciting, but the ower, Tien Phan, had a hard start to her business at the beginning of summer.

Construction lasted two months longer than expected. She had to pay rent for those two months before she could open and she talked about how the ordeal was upsetting and stressful. 

After visiting her restaurant, she was very content with how it had turned out. It was very clean and tended to with the greatest of care. 

“The restaurant was nice and definitely family friendly,” Spielman said. “I would definitely recommend the restaurant.”

No matter how hard it was over a full year of planning, Phan is still greeting every customer with smiles.