Sync your heart out

Students, staff and alumni performed to all your favorite songs, with Aaron Buergi placing first in Hamline’s 12th annual Lip-Sync Competition.


Sabrina Merritt

Last year’s first-place winner at the Lip Sync battle was Erin Bougie – who will it be this year?Show up and find out!

Sabrina Merritt, Reporter

Cheers, chants and rocking tunes filled Anderson’s forum Friday, Oct. 13 during Hamline’s annual lip-sync competition. Participants entertained the audience with fun renditions of such songs by Tove Lo and Carly Rae Jepsen, which were performed by first-place contestant Aaron Buegi.

The competition, judged by a panel of Hamline faculty, has become a 12 year tradition for the campus. All participants had 10 minutes to set up and perform their songs and were critiqued on lip sync-ability, creativity, costumes and crowd reaction.

After a performance by the alumni group The Hip Hop Crew, Dean of Students Patti Klein and Area Coordinator Gaith Hijazin took the stage to emcee the night. After a quick song, Klein and Gaith Hijazin introduced the nominees for Hamline’s 2018 Homecoming Court before the competition’s start. Throughout the night, the emcees continued to crack jokes between acts, while also promoting the rest of the weekend’s Homecoming events.

The first contestant of the competition was Doll Face, who performed a drag-inspired performance to Rihanna’s “Shut Up and Drive.” This was followed by The Merry Murderesses, who performed Chicago’s “Cell Block Tango.” The group of girls would place third in the competition.

Second-place winners Queens danced and “sang” to a medley of songs by artists such as Beyonce and Nicki Minaj.

While the judges deliberated their discussions, representatives from Student Affairs presented a version of “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen, complete with black lipstick and bad wigs. But it was not only staff that kept the audience at bay while the results were being calculated.

“Since this night began with Gaith singing,” Klein said, “we thought we could open it up for more group participation.” The crowd took to their feet and began to sing to “Sweet Caroline” that was played over the speakers.

After the Homecoming Court nominees were awarded their respected titles, the announcement of the lip-synch competition winners produced massive amounts of applause from the audience. With the audience’s overwhelming hollering and applause, it was hard not to see the event as well received.

Senior Peter Villerius has missed the last two lip-sync competitions because of work, so he made extra sure he could attend in his last year as a Hamline student.

“It’s a great chance for students, staff and alumni to come together and show off their talent,” Villerius said.

Sophomore Mary Wiertelak, who was awarded a title as one of this year’s Homecoming royalty, was blown away by this year’s show.

“It was so incredible,” Wiertelak said. “I’m a little biased because my roommate choreographed The Merry Murderesses, and another roommate danced in it. But also, Aaron Buergi is a queen.”

Besides being newly crowned Piper royalty herself, Wiertelak and fellow 2018 Homecoming court member Andrew Weston promised the crowd to receive Old Main tattoos to celebrate the Hamline community.

“I’m so honored the student body would see me this way, and in a week or two, you are going to see pictures of the tattoo everywhere,” Wiertelak said.

The night’s winners of the lip-synch competition received cash prices, while the Homecoming Royalty will enjoy a dinner with President Miller in her home on Summit Avenue.