Options snatched from the Grill’s menu

Unexpected changes to the Piper Grill and Café have caused the disappearance of the pizza and pasta food options from the menu.

The new Piper Grill chicken wings in the Barbecue flavor.

Emilia Nolan, Reporter

The Piper Grill and Café provides a variety of options to students and faculty — French fries, cheese sticks, burgers and chicken tenders, to name a few. However, Pipers have seen the disappearance of two food items, the pasta and pizza options, as of the spring semester, from the Grill menu.

Junior Mary Anthony is disappointed that the Grill would take away these options from its daily menus.

“There are already limited options,” Anthony said. “If they’re really considering this, I’d like to know what they’re planning on replacing these options with. I wouldn’t mind if there were healthier alternatives, but they don’t have to take away pizza and pasta to make things healthier.”

Previously, the Grill served individual slices of pizza, as well as pasta dishes. Both options have been present since the beginning of the academic year, until this semester.

Sabrina Merritt
The Piper Grill now sells chicken wings, replacing the pizza and pasta bar.

First-year Olivia Hjerleid responded frantically to this upon hearing it for the first time. “No way,” Hjerleid said. “These [options] are great. I eat those a lot. It does seem a bit wasteful when I see people throw away a lot of food…, but Hamline needs to feed its students, and it does a pretty good job of that now. I think removing [pizza and pasta options from the Grill] would be a step back.”

Multiple members of dining services refused to comment on the changes to the Grill.

Sophomore Paige Daniels actually prefers the pizza and pasta options to other items in the Piper Grill & Café.

“I would be really sad if they were to go away,” Daniels said. “I love those as options when nothing else seems appetizing.”

First-year Jaclyn Mulcahey, an employee at the Piper Grill and Café was able to comment on this issue.

“The pasta and pizza options are already gone, and I’m not sure why it’s happening,” Mulcahey said.

Pat Mingo, a staff member in The Piper Grill and Café and the Bishop’s Bistro, expressed his concern for the removal of the pizza and pasta options from the Grill’s daily menu.

“This was a decision that was over my head,” Mingo said. “I would honestly love to still be serving it, but I don’t know much about [why it is happening].”

Students can still purchase other food options, such as chicken tenders, French fries, burgers and veggie burgers, from the Piper Grill and Café using Declining Balance. Chicken wings were also added to the menu in lieu of pasta and pizza.