Walking through time with FAB’s fashion show


Freddie Buergin Witt

Ella Ettlin gave small introductions to each different set before the models walked.

Reagan Clark, Guest Reporter

Fashion and Beauty Club’s (FAB) “Walking Through Time” fashion exhibition allowed Hamline students to share their creative outfits with classmates. The event was well-planned, including fashion ensembles representing several decades and styles.

FAB kicked off the show with “Seasons,” showing off a spring-inspired collection of outfits. Models walk down the runway, flaunting bright pinks and oranges. Their floral dresses reminded viewers that spring and sunshine are just around the corner, even with all this gloomy weather and rain.

The second collection was Old Hollywood-themed. The models showed their take on the traditional culture of Hollywood from years ago. Old Hollywood fashion is often characterized by sleek, form-fitting dresses, suits and gowns composed of expensive silk, satin and velvet fabrics. In addition, we saw pantsuits, fedoras and fancy dresses were shown, as Hamline Pipers looked like they would be starring in an old film with Marilyn Monroe herself!

Then the show took a dark turn. Dark romance, that is. Dark romantic styles developed in the late 18th and early 19th centuries; however, fashion and art movements are still popular today. The dark romantic fashion style is distinguished by a dramatic, melancholy look emphasizing black and other dark hues. Many current designers and artists take inspiration from the Gothic and Victorian eras. FAB’s members were flaunting their best blazers, corsets and satin dresses. The dark romance clothing convinced me the models were heading to cocktail hour. 

Everyone in the Anne Simley Theatre then traveled back in time. The audience tasted FAB’s “Retro” collection with ensembles that looked straight out of the 1970s. 1970s fashion was defined by a sense of liberation and uniqueness, with individuals expressing themselves via various styles and fads. From hippie-inspired boho to disco-inspired splendor, the models looked like they jumped straight out of a 1970s fashion magazine! 

Gabriel Fleischhacker owns the stage as he struts down the runway. (Freddie Buergin Witt)

Next up, we had grunge. Grunge is a rebellious and anti-fashion aesthetic that emphasizes comfort and self-expression. The models stepped out in grunge’s signature flannels, fishnets,  ripped jeans, boots and overall dark clothing as Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” played. All that was missing was a bass guitar. Overall, if these clothes could talk, they would say, “I’m with the band.”

The club then flaunted its take on nostalgia. This collection consisted of trends from the past. This included early 2000s trends such as denim on denim and even some 2014 Tumblr trends such as chokers.

FAB’s models went on to show some pop culture with their takes on celebrity style. We were shown outfits inspired by Adam Sandler, including a baggy graphic t-shirt, jorts and sneakers. This style is trendy right now, with jorts being all the rage for warmer weather.

Like Adam Sandler’s style, streetwear was the show’s next group of outfits. Streetwear is a casual clothing style that originated in urban culture and is frequently connected with subcultures like skateboarding and hip-hop. This round of outfits consisted of graphic t-shirts, sneakers and joggers. 

Pre-show hustle and bustle in Anne Simley Theater’s green room. (Freddie Buergin Witt)

As the show continued, clothes representing the past year’s trends were also shown. This included loafers, tiny sunglasses and mesh clothing. Fashion trends change quickly, yet FAB perfectly recreated society’s recent fashion sense!

We saw this past year’s trends, but what about future trends? The next group was futuristic and inspired by The Matrix. Pipers flaunted dark, sophisticated clothing. This included fierce shades and leather jackets.

Finally, to conclude the show, each model did a final walkthrough as if it were Hamline’s own Met Gala. The models presented themselves in formal wear, fit for prom or even our recent Fireball. The models looked polished and elegant with their sophisticated and beautiful looks.

Overall, FAB’s Walking Through Time fashion show was spectacular. This fashion show might even prove the university should add a fashion design major at Hamline! This event was a joy to participate in; everyone there was consistently in awe. With models posing and looking fierce and the crowd consistently cheering, it genuinely demonstrated Hamline’s passion for fashion and one another.