Moro’s motivation

Dan Moro was named MIAC Athlete-of-the-Week on April 20 and he shares what motivates him on the baseball field.


Gino Terrell

Dan Moro hanging out near the dugout at CHS Field.

Gino Terrell, Sports Editor

In the bottom of the sixth inning trailing 1-2 and down to his last strike was Pipers’ junior centerfielder Dan Moro, before he managed to hit a two RBI single to right field to crack the game open with the go-ahead run to defeat Augsburg on April 8.

“He’s had some of our biggest hits up to this point to get ourselves back in the mix,” head coach Jim Weyandt said. “It really started with Augsburg, we were down to our last strike against Augsburg and he had a big two RBI single and ever since that our team has done a great job getting us back in this mix.”

With the win against Augsburg the team won nine of 10 games. During that frame, the Pipers went on a six game winning streak and improved their conference record from 1-5 to 7-6. After splitting conference doubleheaders with Carleton and first place Bethel last week, the Pipers sit at an 8-8 record heading into their final conference double header this afternoon home at CHS Field against St. John’s.

If the Pipers make the playoffs it’ll be the first appearance for their three year starting outfielder Moro, who was also named on the first team All-MIAC Golden Glove last season.

Weyandt said Moro has always been consistent as a fielder but this year he has taken strides to be consistent at the plate and on base.

“Offensively this year, he’s just really settled into a zone and been very, very consistent for us,” Weyandt said. “As a freshman and sophomore he was good offensively but he was very streaky, and this year he’s been very consistent and been at a high level all year.”

His consistent offensive play this year landed him a MIAC Athlete-of-the-Week honor on April 20. The Pipers went 5-0 that week and Moro was eight for 16 at the plate batting .500 with five walks, six stolen bases, six RBIs and scoring 11 runs.

“It’s a great honor. The MIAC is a great conference, a lot of great players and to be honored as one of those I’m very happy; but I’m not trying to let it affect my play at all. I’m just going to keep doing my thing and stay humble about it,” Moro said.

Growing up in Canada, Moro started playing both baseball and hockey in the fourth grade. He loved both sports but ultimately decided he had to choose one.

“Everyone plays hockey back home so I decided to do something a little different,” Moro said.

He stuck with baseball and eventually landed on the Hamline Piper baseball team and was a starter since his first season. Weyandt said Moro has always been a leader by example but this season he has been more vocal as he serves on the team’s leadership committee.

“This year, I’ve seen him definitely take his leadership to a different role with the guys and be more outspoken…he’s made significant strides and I’m proud of that,” Weyandt said.

When it comes to Moro’s performance on the field, Weyandt described Moro as “fast,” “steady,” and someone who always “plays hard.” With playoff contention on the line Weyandt said Moro does not need to do anything different.

“If he continues to do what he’s been doing offensively, defensively, he’s going to put us in a good spot,” Weyandt said.

As the team has found their groove in the heart of their conference season, Moro credits the coaches for keeping the players upbeat during their 1-5 conference start that included a 2-20 loss at St. Mary’s on April 1.

“We felt like we couldn’t buy a break, nothing was going our way but the coaching staff done a great job helping us stay positive,” Moro said.

Moro said the coaches told the players it was just a phase and eventually they would see their hard work payoff and get those breaks.

“I think guys just understood…and from that we just pushed through and got rolling I guess,” Moro said.

This season Moro is batting .352 and has 30 RBIs. He also scored 36 runs and leads the team in stolen bases with 16.

“It’s always good to do well individually but at the end of the day it’s weather your winning, weather your team’s winning,” Moro said. “For me, I’m always happy when I’m doing well but when I see my teammates be successful it really excites me and I guess motivates me to do well.”

Moro said there is something else that motivates him and it is knowing his time playing baseball for the Pipers will eventually come to a close. As a junior, he has witnessed seniors on the team having to accept the end of their baseball careers and he wants to make sure he does not take his time for granted.

“For me, you don’t want to think about that but you always have that in the back of your head and it just motivates you to continue to grow and do the best you can to help your team win,” he said. “The biggest lesson [I learned] is enjoying it all and never taking anything for granted.”