Roti rolling out fast casual Mediterranean

With a new St. Louis Park location and two more openings on the way, Roti is bringing another quick dining option to Minnesota.


Franki Hanke, Senior Reporter

We have Chipotle for quick burritos, Rah’mn for speedy ramen, and now Roti for rapid Mediterranean.

The restaurant started over ten years ago in downtown Chicago after a group of friends found themselves longing for a fast, casual version of Mediterranean cuisine that wouldn’t leave them feeling bad after the fact.

“They wanted it at the pace of modern life,” Samantha Devermann, marketing manager for Roti, said.

Since then, they have expanded to locations in Washington D.C., New York, Dallas and now Minnesota.

The newest location in St. Louis Park is the second in Minnesota. Two more will join it before the end of the year in Edina in early November and University of Minnesota in mid-December.

Their food is full of flavor and fresh ingredients served in a quick, line-style environment. Their vegetables, sauces, salads and proteins are all prepared day-off in their in-house kitchen, even down to filleting salmon.

“We focus on quality,” Devermann said. “We want to give people the very best.”

Based on their opening previews, the feedback so far is positive with reviews on fresh, flavorful dishes and nice, enthusiastic staff members.

That mission is exactly why they source their ingredients from United States locations from a variety of partners like rice grown in Louisiana and salmon caught in Maine. For example, they partner with the Buholzer family who supplies their feta, which is kept in blocks in brine until they need to use it. Only then is it crumbled to keep it fresh.

“It’s important to know where your food is coming from and keeping it fresh, keeping it local.”

For those visiting the first time, the options and traditional flavors can be a bit overwhelming.

“The first can be a little intimidating, especially if it’s food,” Devermann said.

To make it easier, they’ve added menu items called Modern Classics, giving visitors a quick, curated choice between a rice plate, pita or a salad with pre-made toppings and sauces based on their best sellers and customer favorites.

“These are suggestions for your first time if you don’t know what to get,” Devermann said. “We’ll help you with those decisions, if you want to change anything out.”

If someone wants to swap anything out though, Devermann wants it known that their staff will happily help with a sampling. Whether it’s the new place is St. Louis Park, the existing location in Downtown Minneapolis or an upcoming opening later in the semester, Roti is a new option to explore.